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HI provides wide variety of power generating products including gas turbines, diesel engines and gas engines with simple-cycle, co-generation and combined-cycle power systems. We also provide remote monitoring, engine maintenance, and other services throughout product lifecycles. We are achieving the reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions by adopting high-efficiency and low emission type of gas turbines. We supply gas turbines for high-speed ships and other marine vessels. We also supply a full range of diesel engines, from large engines capable of medium and low speeds to small and midsize models delivering low, medium, and high speeds. Our diverse lineup includes diesel engines for land-based power generators.

Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems

Gas turbine power plant “LM6000”

These are 100 MW class power plants that combine two LM6000 gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine to produce the world’s most efficient power generation, and best environmental performance and reliability.

Gas turbine power plant “LM2500”

These are 20 to 30 MW class power plants that use the high efficient and very reliable gas turbine, LM2500 that is derived from a lightweight and compact aero engine.

Co-generation Systems

Gas turbine co-generation system “IM270”

These are typical energy-saving systems that generate 2 MW of power and 6 tons of steam per hour by combining our original designed and developed high-efficiency and low NOx type gas turbine, IM270 and a heat recovery steam generator.

Co-generation system“IM400 IHI-FLECS”

These are 4 to 6 MW class and IHI original co-generation systems that can change the output of both power and heat (steam) according to demand. If there is surplus steam, it can be converted to electric power output to recover the energy.

Medium/Large sized Engines

“DU-WinGD 6X72DF” Dual Fuel Engine

It is the dual fuel engine adopted the pre-mix and lean-burned combustion technology which have been assumed that it was technically difficult for a low-speed two stroke engine.
It is the big feature to reduce the NOx amount of emission substantially by an engine.

“DU-Win GD 9X82” Diesel Engine

The X engines are next generation engines, which are developed and designed with high operation flexibility to adapt to various engine running conditions and to satisfy the demands of lower fuel consumption. The 9X82 engines are installed on Messrs. NYK 14,000TEU Container Ships as the main engine. These 9X82 engines are equipped with the “Dual Rating System”, which features the optimization functions of two power ranges for high and low load operations. This “Dual Rating System” is the world’s top technology, which enables the ships to greatly improve their fuel consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions for both ranges, therefore significantly contributing to the operational energy savings of the ship operation.

DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick Diesel Engine

A 4-cycle medium-speed engine used as the main engine for large ferries and patrol boats of the coast guard as well as a generator for land-based generation plants.

NIIGATA Diesel Engine “28AHX”

The diesel engine is an “environment-friendly” medium-speed diesel engine (2070 to 6660 kW) for the next generation, which obviously complies with the IMO Tier II NOx Regulations as well as focusing on the future for Marine engine.

As land using for power generators (2000 to 6300kWe), the diesel engine achieve world-class figure of high efficiency and low fuel consumption using both DO and HFO.

NIIGATA Dual Fuel Engine “28AHX-DF”

The 28AHX-DF is an environmentally friendly engine, satisfying IMO Tier III NOx regulations in gas mode.It uses clean gas combustion, making it possible to meet the new regulations without Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR).

Gas Engine Power Generation Systems

NIIGATA Gas Engine “28AGS”

The gas engine significantly contribute to CO2 reduction by high efficiency operation using natural gas and city gas, as well as low calorie gases such as those generated in gasification melting furnaces.
The 2000 – 6000 kWe, spark plug ignition type AGS series and micro-pilot ignition type AG series are supplied both within Japan and overseas as stationary power generators.

Propulsion Units

NIIGATA Azimuth Thruster “Z-PELLER®”

The Z-PELLER® is the most popular propulsion unit in the world’s tugboat market. Customers highly evaluate this propulsion unit for its high quality and durability.

Our Z-PELLER® lineup offers a continuous output from 735kW (1000PS) to 3310kW (4500PS), enabling us to respond to customers’ various needs.

Fuel Injection Equipment

Fuel Injection Equipment

NICO produces and supplies Fuel Injection Equipment, as it is called, Fuel Injection Valve and Fuel Injection Pump for 4stroke Diesel Engine with engine makers such as domestic engine makers, Euros’, Koreans’ and Chinese’ as well as Niigata Power Systems who is NICO’s parental company. NICO also develops electronically controlled FIE (i.e. CRS: Common Rail System) as well as conventional mechanical FIE.

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