Marine Engines

IHI also supplies gas turbines for naval vessels and high-speed ships, large diesel engines for medium- and low-speed applications and medium- to compact diesel engines for high, medium and low speed applications.

DU-WinGD 2-Stroke Engines

As the 2-stroke engine, DU-WinGD type diesel engines are running successfully as the prime mover of marine transportation, such as, large oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers.

The RT-flex and X engines, widely applied presently, have common-rail systems with the electronic fuel injection control system and high operating flexibility to adapt to various engine running conditions and regulation of NOx emission. These engines with the electronic control will be the mainstream of the large 2-stroke marine engine.

DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick 4-Stroke Engines

The 4-stroke engines, DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick type, have lower engine height compared with the low-speed two-stroke engines and are widely adopted for cruise ships, car ferries, Ro-Ro ships where compact size of the engine is required. These types of engine are also utilized for stationary electric power generation plant in isolated islands or inland areas.

Dual Fuel Engines (low-Pressure and pre-mixed lean burn technology)

Driven by environmental awareness, IMO (International Management organization) determined to enhances emission regulations. The interest in gas as fuel for shipping is increasing to fulfill the rigid regulation.

IHI, Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WInGD) and DU(Now IPS) developed dual fuel engines adapted to pre-mixed learn burn technology with a strong assosiation and now We put confidently “X-DF” engines into the marine market.

Valuable Equipment

LifeCycle Administrator (LC-A)
We product the customer supporting system throughout lifecycle of various devices as well as engines and we offer variety of solutions for customers by developed new devices such as LifeCycle Administrator, TF-Detector and related sensors.

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