Shield Tunnelling Machine

Most subway and submarine tunnel construction projects use shield tunnelling machines. As a leading manufacturer of such tunnelling machines, IHI has been developing and releasing various designs, including one of the world’s largest large-diameter and combination shield tunnelling machines that significantly boost tunnel construction efficiency.

Large-diameter shield tunneling machine

IHI has supplied many large-diameter shield machines, including the one used in the construction of the Tokyo Bay Aqualine tunnel.

Combination circular shield tunneling machine

Non-circular cross sections, such as in the double track sections of subways, can be tunneled efficiently by extending the ends of the spokes of the cutters according to the rotation.

Horizontal Multiple-micro shield tunneling machine

This shield machine, used in the construction of box-shaped large-section tunnels such as road tunnels, can be flexibly adapted to any section shape

Double-O tube shield machine

This shield tunneling machine drills inbound and outbound lanes at a time, for example, for subways.

This machine provides economic advantages with shortened construction time and reduced drilling soil volume and is employed in foreign countries as well.

Rotating shield tunneling machine

Single machine can excavate shaft from the ground, and continuously tunnel by right angles. IHI’s new technology developed through joint research with users.

Upward-facing shield tunneling machine

This shield tunneling machine tunnels upwards from an existing tunnel towards the surface. This minimizes the affect on the surface during construction of a tunnel, so that it is more friendly to the environment.

Rectangular type shield tunneling machine

This shield tunneling machine is used, for example, to construct grade-separating tunnels to solve congestion at the intersections or busy railroad crossings. It drills a large section by repeatedly moving back and forth between start and drilling locations.

Automatic Segment Assembling Systems

Automatic segment assembling system

IHI mechatronic technology has substantially improved tunneling efficiency and safety through the automated assembly of segments for tunnel walls.

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