Transportation System

AGV, Fact Liner

Available for high efficient unmanned transportation, even on a complicated route. It can be easily combined with other logistics systems and material handling equipment to offer the best solution to meet customers’ needs. Both magnetic-guided AGVs and laser-guided AGVs can navigate, spin turns and traversal movements which ensure efficient and unmanned transport through complex routes.

  • Safety
    Various safety measures are implemented to ensure workers are working comfortably alongside the vehicles. In addition, all control devices and applications are designed to be fail-safe.
  • Appropriate Charging Systems
    IHI offers appropriate charging systems tailored to users’ layout and operating conditions to maximize the AGVs’ transportation capabilities.
  • Various Line-up
    IHI caters to the diverse needs of our customers with a wide-ranging lineup.
    • Magnetic Guided
    • Hybrid
    • Laser Guided


RGV, Trans-liner

A high-speed, loading-friendly, Trans-liner achieve full automation and unmanned transportation featuring a spectrum of transfer equipment.

  • Drastic Improvement in Transport Performance
    The high-speed type can achieve a maximum speed of 200m/min when moving freely in the forward or reverse direction. The system will automatically adjust the speed depending on the capacity which improves transport performance.
  • Extremely Smooth Acceleration Cargo-friendly Design
    Inverter controls are adopted in all driving equipment and conveyors. Smooth acceleration capabilities are useful in preventing loads from the impact and shifting.
  • Wide Range of Transfer Equipment to Cover Various Tasks
    The various types of transfer equipment such as conveyor, push-pull and lifter are utilized to achieve full automation of loading and unloading.

Project Reference


M-SENKO Logistics Co., Ltd.​


Bangna, Bangkok​

Year of completion



AS/RS Rackpack®
Frozen room type (-25℃), Chilled type​
16 RGV system,432 Digital Assort system​



Our various lineup conveyors flexibly respond to the characteristics and installation conditions of the customers’ transported items.

  • Various Product Lineup
    Promote optimal conveyor transportation according to the various shapes and characteristics such as cases, cardboards, pallets, heavy or long items, and fragile items.
  • Optimum Transportation System
    Integrated with peripheral equipment such as automated warehouses and sorting / picking equipment to achieve optimum transportation.
  • High-speed Sorting System
    IHI provides high-speed type sorting conveyor system. It contributes to the rapidly expanding delivery service in E-commerce.

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