The Z-peller® is the most popular propulsion unit in the world’s tugboat market. Customers highly evaluate this propulsion unit for its high quality and durability.

Z-Peller® assures high grade performance and supports the operation of various kinds of vessels, for which sailing, handling, steeling with excellent manoeuvrability to be realized.

NIIGATA Z-PELLER® Azimuth Thruster

50 years-long experience since first Z-PELLER® production, the azimuth thrusters have continuously progressed with world economic growth under own technology and lots of feedback from operators around the world. Due to its stable and high maneuverability from dead slow to full speed Z-PELLER® enables many kinds of workboat, such as tugs, OSV, multipurpose vessels to work quickly and fine positioning even in the very narrow water area.

NIIGATA is the only one manufacturer for main engine and azimuth thrusters together in the world under original design without M&A, so the total propulsion packages have been highly reputed and supported by all customers in the world.

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