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Terms of Use

This website is operated by IHI Corporation (hereinafter, ‘IHI’).

1. Consenting to Terms of Use

Please read the below Terms of Use thoroughly and only use this website once you have consented entirely.

2. Disclaimer

While the greatest of care is taken in regards to information featured on this website, IHI does not guarantee that it is accurate or up-to-date and shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for damages arising from errors in information, downloading data, tampering of data by third parties and so on.
IHI shall bear no responsibility for this website when accessed via a link. Moreover, IHI does not necessarily have relationships with such link destinations, for example, as an affiliate company or business partner.
The IR information featured on this website aims to provide corporate information about IHI and is not intended to entice investment, etc. Moreover, IHI does not provide warranty of any kind regarding the contents of such information. Opinions, forecasts and so on are based on IHI’s judgment at the time the material was compiled. We request that the final decision regarding investment be based on the judgment of the user themselves.
The content of this website is subject to change or deletion without notice. 

3. Prohibited Conduct

When using IHI’s website, the following conduct is prohibited.
(1) Conduct which infringes, or is likely to infringe, the property or privacy of a third party or IHI
(2) Conduct which disadvantages or damages a third party or IHI, or conduct which is likely to
(3) Conduct which is, or is likely to be, offensive to public order and morals
(4) Criminal conduct, conduct which leads to criminal conduct or is likely to
(5) Fraudulent reporting or notifications such as registering another person’s email address
(6) Sales or conduct aimed at sales profits or preparation aimed at engaging in such conduct
(7) Conduct which may damage the honor and credibility of a third party or IHI
(8) The use or provision of malicious programs such as computer viruses, etc. or conduct likely to lead to this
(9) Other conduct which violates laws, ordinances, treaties or is likely to
(10) Conduct other than that shown above judged as IHI to be inappropriate

4. Links

IHI does not recommend nor provide warranty for third party website content accessible via this website or the content of third party websites featured links to this website and shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred by website viewers due to third party website usage.
If including a link to this website from an external source as either a corporation or an individual, you may do so without the need for prior application as long as you consent to these Terms of Use and the below items.
(1) IHI will under no circumstances bear responsibility for damages arising from including a link to this website.
(2) In principle, the information featured on this website and associated URLs are subject to change without notice.
(3) We firmly refuse links which infringe IHI’s rights or business operations.
(4) We firmly refuse links from websites including the following content.
・Content deemed offensive to public order and morals
・Illegal content
・Content deemed slanderous towards IHI
(5) Links to this website do not indicate the existence of any form of rights obligatory relationship between IHI and the linked destination.

5. Copyright

In principle, IHI or IHI affiliate companies hold the copyright to all copyright works features on this website and these are protected by the copyright laws of each country, various treaties and other laws. Unless the prior consent of IHI as the rights holder has been obtained, we firmly prohibit the use of such works for private reasons by an individual, or other acts which exceed the scope recognized by the Copyright Act, including duplication, public transmission, modification, transfer and sale.

6. Symbol Marks and Other Trademarks

In principle, all symbol marks, brand names, service names, etc. featured on this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of IHI or our affiliated companies. The use of all other product names, service names, etc. is also strictly prohibited without obtaining written approval in advance.

7. Intellectual Property

This website does not grant any rights whatsoever based on intellectual property of IHI or a third party, such as patent right, trademark right or copyright. 

8. Personal Information Obtained through Our Website

Regarding the personal information obtained through our website, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

9. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The use of this website and the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. Moreover, all disputes relevant to the use of this website, unless otherwise specified, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court as court of first instance.

10. Recommended Environment

Recommended Browser

IHI recommends that you view this website on one of the following browsers for more comfortable usage.

  • Without the recommended environment, it may not be possible to use all features of the website.
  • Even when the recommended environment is in place, users’ browser settings may prevent correct viewing.
    ・Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher
    ・Microsoft Edge latest version
    ・Safari latest version
    ・Google Chrome latest version
    ・Mozilla Firefox latest version

Plug-in Software

Adobe Reader is required to view some pages in this website.
If you do not have it, please download from its website.


This website uses JavaScript for some of the contents in order to provide you more comfortable usage.
Please be aware that if you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings, some contents may not display or operate properly.

11. Social Media Policy

Regarding our social media policy, please refer to Social Media Policy.

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