IHI Awarded Pre-FEED Contract for Ammonia Production in New Zealand

IHI Corporation announced today that it has been awarded a contract to undertake pre-FEED Woodside Energy Technologies Pty Ltd. to assess the feasibility of manufacturing and exporting ammonia in Greenpoint and Tiwai Point in New Zealand’s Southland. source of this ammonia is expected to be the region’s abundant hydropower.

Commercially available ammonia is fossil fuel-derived. Switching to ammonia produced using a renewable energy source could result in lower carbon dioxide emissions in the supply chain. IHI considers Oceania a suitable area for manufacturing and exporting ammonia produced from renewable energy sources.

The proposed project is targeting to produce 500,000 tons per year of ammonia utilizing electrolysis from renewable power.

The Japanese government committed the nation to carbon neutrality by 2050, fueling public and private sector initiatives to develop ammonia and other low-carbon energy carrier chains. Existing technologies relating to its production, storage, and transportation ammonia position well for its swift integration into the energy mix.

Ammonia produced using renewable energy sources could offer broad decarbonization solutions to diverse customers as a fuel and raw material. IHI and Woodside Energy will accordingly continue to investigate the potential to build an ammonia supply chain between Japan and Oceania.

Green ammonia supply chain

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