IHI Concludes Mizuho Human Capital Management Impact Finance Agreement

IHI Corporation today announced that it has signed a Mizuho Human Capital Management Impact Finance agreement with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Under this accord, Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd., scores corporate efforts to visualize, disclose, and practice human capital management, providing loans to companies meeting or exceeding certain scores.

Mizuho Research & Technologies employs a proprietary assessment methodology that refers to a range of benchmarks. They include ISO 30414, the international standard for guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting, and the Cabinet Office of Japan’s human capital visualization guidelines. Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Research & Technologies concluded that IHI fulfils its belief that “human resources are our single most valuable asset” by upholding high standards in several key respects. These include committing to human capital management, maintaining a distinct, systematic talent development program, and disclosing achievements over time in development-focus businesses. 

Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd., issued a written opinion that the agreement’s framework, including the evaluation methodology, is compatible with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s basic stance on impact finance. 

November 2021 saw the announcement of the IHI Group’s ESG Management to make materializing environmental, social, and governance management central to its values. It prizes human rights and diversity and inclusion as part of that commitment. Under Group Management Policies 2023, which it announced in May 2023, IHI is pursuing a growth strategy that invests in talent to reform its business and corporate structures. It will reach its objectives by continuing to enhance its corporate culture and workplaces and continue to foster employee advancement and job satisfaction. 

IHI will keep deploying environmental, social, and governance management through initiatives that link personnel and corporate value in the conviction that human resources are indeed its single most valuable asset. 

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