FY2023 Greeting message to new employees from the president Ide

April 03, 2023

Today, Hiroshi Ide, President of IHI Corporation, instructed new employees through video to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The summary is as follows.

IHI Group’s Vision for Society

・Major environmental changes such as the impact of the spread of new coronavirus, heightened geopolitical risks, the global political and economic bloc, and rising inflation are not transitory. Their instability is becoming the norm. In addition, climate change has led to a high incidence of large-scale natural disasters such as floods and heat waves in many parts of the world. Excessive technology has exceeded its limits, affecting not only nature but also our daily lives in various ways. An insecure society with an insecure future is no longer unique; it has become the normal state of affairs.

・In this changing environment, the IHI Group has declared “Creating a World Where Nature and Technology Work in Unity” as its ideal future state. To ensure the sustainability of both the global environment and the people who live in it, we aim to protect people from nature hazards and create a society in which they can live safe, secure, and prosperous lives.

・For 170 years, we have continued to take on the challenge of solving the various social issues of each era in a wide range of infrastructure-related businesses, including social infrastructure, aerospace and energy. It can be said that the products and services created by our technology and human resources have directly led to solutions to social issues.

・In the face of diverse and complex social challenges such as climate change and disaster presentation and mitigation, the IHI Group will once again continue to boldly take on the challenge of resolving these issues with a desire for a better future and the power of technology. We will continue to be a corporate group that is committed to technology, finds business opportunities to solve social issues, creates social value and enhances corporate value, and meets the expectations of our stakeholders. This is the role and mission of the IHI Group.

IHI Group Initiatives for FY2023

・This year, the IHI Group is launching the Group Management Policy 2023, which aims to “Create a World Where Nature and Technology Work in Unity”. We will further deepen and evolve the lifecycle business we have been engaged in to date, and promote the enhancement of customer value. Further, we will create new growing businesses aimed at enhancing customer, social and environmental value based on our forte technologies and systems. One of the good examples is our work on the fuel ammonia value chain.

・To cope with drastic changes in the business environment, we need an organization and a mindset that can respond flexibly to events beyond our expectations. To create an IHI Group that can sustainably grow in a world where anything can happen, I will take the lead in promoting changes to achieve our goals.

Expectations for you

・Our vision of “Creating a World Where Nature and Technology Work in Unity” requires that our diverse workforce, which drives our value creation, unleashes its full potential.

・In a world where rapid change has become the norm, it is crucial to always think about where we want to be. Thinking about your path with a good understanding of the management philosophy, the vision of IHI Group, and the mission of our company is important for both our business and your career. The IHI Group’s goal of aligning the vectors of the individual and the organization, while maintaining a relationship between them, will lead to a “new way of being for the individual and the organization”.

・Please continue to be proactive in acquiring the Digital Transformation knowledge and skills needed for the coming years. I also urge you to continue your own personal transformation and growth.

・To solve diverse and complex social issues, working in partnership and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, without being confined to the IHI Group is essential. I expect you to lead creativity and innovation through dialogue and organically connect different ways of thinking while respecting each other’s values, individuality, and experience.

・What do you imagine and what do you want to realize? Beyond the steps you take with your will, there are dreams and hopes. As you join the IHI Group today, we hope that you will retain your hopes and dreams and shine with all you have in the IHI Group.

Welcome to the IHI Group. Let’s create a new era together.

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